Sunday, February 28, 2010


It had been a while since the children of the village played a trick on Pak Him.
One day as Pak Him was conducting his usual classes in Qur'an reading and moral behavior,some of his students in the back row began to snicker.Pak Him knew they were hatching a mischievous plan,but he continued teaching as though he was none the wiser.Towards the end of class Pak Him asked the students if they had any questions.

Seeing that this was an opportunity,one of the miscreants at the back of the class raised his hand."O teacher,would it be in conformity with the Islamic principles of good behavior if one were to eat in the bathroom?".The student who had asked the question knew that it was not,but he wanted to show his friends that he was able to confound the clever teacher.

Pak Him smiled wryly and answered,"Of course you may eat in the bathroom my boy,but brush your teeth before you come out or people may think you were eating sh#t."



One day,Pak Pandir lost his talisman.He searched high and low but could nof find it.So,he left his house and began to search for the talisman by the road in front of his home.Passers-by looked towards him quizzically.One finally summoned the courage to ask what he was doing."Pak Pandir,what are you doing?""I've lost my talisman at home,and now I am looking for it." the man asked."I was,"replied Pak Pandir,"but the house became dark and I couldn't see anything.For that reason,I decided to look for my talisman here,outside,where I can see by the streetlight"

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hari Keluarga PPIPUM-09

Bertempat di 1st kolej

Sesi bergambar beramai-ramai selepas perasmian penutup..

Ada orang marah ngan bdk2 lelaki yg dok depan tu dengan baling belon yg berisi air..
Mangsenye ialah techno pali la..

Kredit kepada Prof,Ajk terlibat ngan sume batch & staff yg meriahkan Hari Keluarga yg julung2 diadakan ni..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Group B-Year 4 09/10

Group B members with our advisor..
Amalina is missing..huhu

GS's Ward round~08/09
With Dr Rafizi..
Gelap la gambar nih..

Tak Nak Merokok....

Ok,senyum yer adik..

Besar la sikit bukak mulut tu..

Haaa,baru la nampak gigi awak tu..

Convocations Day-Tadika Raihan

With the theme: Underwater World

MCs for that day...huhu

Superb performances by the children...

This 2 boys were following me...p/s terlupe la nama diorg ni

Our future leaders...Tadika Raihan...

Mr Vic with his favourite student~3 year old tau..hoho

Very cute smiles

Nice teeth....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dental & Medical Checkup at Kuang 08/09

Syuwari bergambar bersama salah seorang pengunjung booth kami-p/s artis tau dia ni.

Syafiq:Woi kirat,ko buat ape tu???cepatla charting ni..
Kirat:Relaks bro,ak terlelap la...huhu..
Patient:"Wei,bebudak ni..kang kena ngan ak nnt"...

Aina & Husna ngan "patient pedo" nya....

School Dental Health Day 09/10-Tadika Raihan